Supply and sales of the company’s products to overseas markets, representation of the company in world markets, development of technologies and new knowledge in steel making industry through the sales of special exportable products, enhancing the reputation of the company and upgrading the company’s trade mark, and absorption of financial resources in foreign currencies are the main responsibilities of the exports department of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company.

Product sales and supply system

In view of its wide variety of products and the wide range of technical specifications, Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company sells its products on customer order. To this end, the order is registered after final agreements have been made with respect to the price and technical specifications, and a delivery terms is fixed and registered in the system. Given the geographical expanse and diversity of customers, and in line with the goal of better management of the marketplace, exports department has been divided into two sections of 1) Far East and Europe, and 2) Middle East.
Exportable products are sold within the framework of counteroffers received from various regions made by active customers. The confirmed prices are quoted on the basis of FOB and basic quality, and the additional costs will be added to the price at the time of order dressing and order registration. In case the offered prices are approved, each section issues order forms for its own customers from the aforesaid regions.

Inquiry Submission 
We export our products on the basis of  monthly tender announcement delivering on FOB Bandar Abbas port. If you are interested to participate in our tender process and purchase our products you should submit your inquiries before 15th of each month.
It would be highly appreciated to establish mutual business relationship with your esteemed company by receiving your inquiries.
You may submit required material's technical specifications based on our product portfolio through e-mail addresses and

contact number:

Tel:  +98-31-5273-3989
Fax: +98-31-5273-5030

Customer admission
In compliance with the company’s strategies and goals the products are exported only to registered customers with legal entities in the export markets. Therefore, the customers interested in purchasing from Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Company are required to submit necessary documents including the completed questionnaire, memorandum of association, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, bank statements of financial turnovers, list of consumers (in case the customer is a merchant) and list of the LC opening banks involved. Other documents are also required such as those evidencing the performance and experience of the customer in dealing with steel products. These documents should be sent to the Exports department.
After these documents have been received a meeting is held by the customer admission committee attended by sales and marketing manager and heads of export zones departments where the documents are checked and discussed and assessments are made of the customer’s capabilities and competencies in the export marketplace. If approved, the customer will be included in the first monthly offered sales list.

Customer information service
Exportable products are sold to only companies with legal entity who have been incorporated outside Iran. As such, companies who are willing to purchase from Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company must submit an initial application form thus express their willingness to have business cooperation with the company together with supporting documents including the completed questionnaire, articles of incorporation, balance sheet, and statement of profit and loss, and statement of financial turnover signed and sealed by the customer’s bankers, list of the end-users (in case the customer is a trader), and the list of banks with whom the customer opens LC as well as other documents in support of the customer’s performance and experience in steel industry to the export department of MSC.

Bandarabbas Export Warehouse
Given the MSC’s strategy of delighting the customers as much as possible by timely delivery as well as safekeeping of the customer’s goods, especially with respect to export customers, storage facilities have been provided in Bandar Abbas Special Economic Zone, one of the largest and most important ports of Iran  wherefrom they are dispatched to all ports of the world. The significance of this storage facility can be seen from the fact that most of the exportable products targeted to the Americas and Europe are shipped from this warehouse on free international waters on FOB basis. Also considering the intention of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company to deliver its products on CFR basis, this storage facility finds even further importance.

With due regards to the 800 KM distance from MSC works to Bandar Abbas as well as the need for minimizing the ship turnaround time, steel products are shipped to this warehouse and stored until the order is completed in time. After the order has been met in full, following the schedule set for loading the vessel the products are carried in no time to the dock and loaded onto the vessel. All these operations are carried out under direct supervision of the residing superintendent of the company in Bandar Abbas in order to ensure the cargo has been shipped in a good and safe order.
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